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Dine with the locals

After my chicken flew the coop and work went virtual, it was time to fulfill a long-held dream to float around the world, unencumbered. There's something about traveling alone; waking up and heading out whenever, skipping crowded tourist spots, and making decisions about which way to explore based on the direction of the sun or something colorful in the distance.  

While the days are perfect, evenings can be dull, especially in cities where the social fabric is best experienced at restaurants and bars after the sun sets. Bars solo? I can do it but it's not exactly a great time for women alone.


Enter 24DINNER, giving you the opportunity to spend an evening with a local woman at an off the beaten path restaurant. Not a date, more an opportunity to make a friend you haven't yet met. 

So find someone in the city you’re traveling to, connect with her and hang where the locals hang.


For some reason, this site has been construed as a dating site. It is not. For now it's for solo women traveling to meet local women because it's a challenge for us to go out alone at night.. I hope you’ll sign up to be a host as well.


Happy traveling and happy hosting.

Anna Asphar


Anna in Seville, London and  Basel 

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